We are partnered with the majority of electricity and gas providers throughout Ireland to guarantee that the best prices are available for our clients 


Select a supplier based on best pricing available

Advise on consumption and best fit for your business

Tariff analysis and possibility of downgrading or upgrading supply to reduce cost

Review consumption and overbilling by suppliers 

At Save ‘N Go we offer a wide range of gas & electricity saving services to small, medium and large businesses in Ireland.

Energy procurement for both electricity and gas can reduce your energy Costs and reduce your carbon emissions. Let us show you business electricity savings!

With all suppliers available to us the surrounding benefits and advice are offered to our business.

Help guide you on contract type fixed, flexible and variable

Advise contractual obligations with supplier

Remind you when your contract is due and avoid early exit fees

Offer best renewal rates available to businesses from your current suppliers

Site Management

At Save ‘N Go we provide a service which allows customers to adopt a full management solution for multi-site operations.

• Organise Pay as you go Meters

• Recommend retrofit lighting solutions

• Manage existing supplies, tenant/landlord supply transfers

• Organise new supplies for new builds

• Upgrade or downgrade supply tariffs thereby reducing cost

• Liaise with the energy regulator on issues arising to protect our clients

• Organise reconnection of old supplies and disconnections of current supplies which are no longer required temporarily or permanently

• Using online metering, we can propose solutions which measure electricity to isolate costs

Market Trends

Particularly for large businesses, it is prudent to investigate every avenue of pricing.

At Save ‘N Go we provide expert analysis on market trend pricing, fluctuating transport, distribution and demand costs, which can all vary. 

Our advisors are at hand to show you the best fit for you and your business when it comes to procuring your energy provider.


As energy costs rise and environmental legislation becomes increasingly complex our agents can offer best advice on new practices and opportunities in renewable energy.

Whether it is a project such as Wind Turbines, anaerobic digestion, hydroelectric plants or Photovoltaic (solar panels) our team can assist you with these projects which will reduce your energy requirements.

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