Combined Heat and Power or CHP, is the simultaneous production of both heat and electricity from one fuel source, generally natural  gas.

Guaranteed savings
Heating & cooling
a green solution
finance available
security & continuity of power supply

Who Benefits From CHP

Direct Benefits

• Hotels & Leisure Centres

• Immediate Significant Energy Savings Guaranteed With Minimum Savings Of 20%

• Hospitals & Nursing Homes

• Eliminate Risk Associated With Rising Electricity Prices

• Sports & Recreational Centres, Swimming Pools, Universities, Colleges &
Institutes of Technologies & Greenhouses

• Environmentally Beneficial With Low Emission Power Generation And High Performance Secure Cost-Effective Reductions In CO2 Emissions To Dramatically Lower Your Commercial Carbon Footprint

• Industrial/Pharmaceutical/
Manufacturing Plants & Data Centres

• Increased Overall Operational Efficiency

• Food Processing Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is combined heat and power (chp) ?

CHP is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, usually in the form of hot water or steam from a primary fuel such as natural gas.

Why CHP?

Due to potential inefficiencies in electricity generation and the resulting cost of electricity from energy suppliers, significant savings can be made by generating electricity on site to meet the electrical demand. In addition, the efficiencies of the CHP system result in reduced energy usage and lower Co2 emissions. 

What are the applications of CHP?

CHP is particularly appropriate as an energy solutions where there is a high demand for both electricity and steam, heat or hot water. CHP is already embedded across many sectors in Europe, including hospitality, food, distilling, agriculture and chemicals. CHP is also utilised in many more industries including packaging, food processing and the automotive sector. 

What are the benefits of CHP?

• Significant reduction in energy cost

• Co2 emissions reduced

• Generation of valuable fuel resources

• Security and continuity of power supply

Savings Up To 20% Per Annum

Free 24-Hour Monitoring Service

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Eliminate Carbon Taxes

Guaranteed Savings with CHP

Check out a CHP case study

10 Year Warrenty

Free Installation

Environmentally Friendly and Less Pollution

Free On And Off Site Maintenance

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